New contestant entering the browser war…

…introducing Google Chrome!

How to live my life

A friend of mine wrote this great blog post the other day, about being conscious of how you live your life.

I guess we have all thought about it, but not that many of us share our thoughts. Even fewer of us write them down, and then you have these few people who share their thoughts with the world.

In this case I’m really glad he did, as it is a great article.

I guess It’s about how you make people feel

Last day at Opera

This is truly a strange feeling. Opera is the first place I worked at after graduating, and in my book working at Opera is how I think about the word work. Well, I guess that will change now. Come tomorrow I’ll be a Java/J2EE Developer at Avenir.

Even though I look forward to start working for Avenir, I’m sure as hell going to miss this place,

and the people working here.

But all good things come to an end, the trick is to find something even better;)

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